Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, as I said this morning, I hoped to get some hands in today and I was able to put in about 1400 or so throughout the day. The funniest thing is that I had my largest # of buyin win in a single day today. Last Tuesday, I started playing 50nl a bit short for my bankroll and had an almost 8 buyin day. Wednesday saw a 2 buyin day and then Thursday was another 4. I gave back around 5 on Sunday and then recovered Monday with around 3 or so. Wasn't able to play yesterday but then had today. 10.5 buyins up in that small amount of hands. Finished up $520 for the day! I started to mix in 1 table of 100nl but only had around 65 hands and really didn't get any cards and was down about $10 there (which was already factored into the total winnings). I am very very close to being properly rolled for 100nl with my rakeback coming on Friday and I'm a little aprehensive about it to be honest. Every time I have taken shots at 100nl, I have been bitchslapped and sent home with my tail between my legs. Hoping that this won't happen this time around.

Stars: $170.80
Tilt: $1686.42

Total: $1857.22
Rakeback coming on Friday: ~$135


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