Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brutal day

Well, we can't have good days every day as it seems that I have been having recently and yesterday put a hurting on me. I put in a lot of hands and ran into some sick sick hands as well as making 3 really bad plays that cost me 3 stacks. I've posted some hands for review on both ITH and Trikz for some situations that came up yesterday that were very difficult for me. I want to make sure that I am not stacking off too lightly as well and to confirm that i played my hands right (which I don't know if i did or not). Should be interesting to see some feedback on them. So overall, I ended down about 6.5 buyins. I am also moving some funds from Tilt to Stars for a friend so when you see the bump at stars, it's not from play :) Wanting to recover some today but want to focus on making the right decisions most of all and allow the money to flow from that.

Tilt: $1878.54
Stars: $557.98

Total: $2436.52

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