Friday, June 19, 2009

Clear heads make all the difference

Either that or I am just running like a goon! Firstly, I got my rakeback today which was a nice $147.15 today so I guess they did include my play from Monday (which I wasn't expecting) Was able to grind through a little under 1800 hands today and ran really well. Final bb/100 today was at 19.03 and calculated up that was a +$672.60 so today ended up being an $819.75 day! Not too shabby for a hobby. Was going to try and get in a few more hands but my mind was starting to waver a bit and thought it best to just wrap up for the day. I'll be heading to the bar soon to start serving drinks and make my piddly money doing that. I'm really toying with dropping that all together and replace it with poker but want some more time in to see if I can really sustain 2-3K/ month. Until the next time:

FT: $2943.04
Stars: $661.98

Total: $3605.02

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