Monday, June 15, 2009

Hit the $3k mark!

But wasn't able to sustain it over that point. I was only able to get in about 1200 hands over the weekend between work and I've been sick as well so I've been sleeping a lot. I played one session Sat night after I got home from work and was down almost a buyin then played last night while laying in bed not able to go to sleep. At one point I was up about 3 buyins overall for the weekend and I had eclipsed the $3k mark but was then struck by QJ that hit a gutshot on the river and 44 who flopped an oesd and turned a set vs my AA. Only had one hand where I was AIPF and I lost a flip vs AKo when he hit a flush on the river vs my QQ. Oh well. It's time to get to work and hopefully we can surpass that 3k mark for good.

Tilt: $2443.14
Stars: $357.98

Total: $2801.12

Rakeback coming: $99.61 not including todays play

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