Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The last few days have been quite weierd as I'm really having a hard time focusing on my direction. I am finding myself not thinking about the hands as they occur and not staying focused. To try and help with that, I decided to play some tournaments yesterday and played 5. 2 were on cake, one on Tilt and two on Stars. I was able to cash in both of the cake tournaments but not any of the others but still felt very good about my play. The first on cake was a 5r that I was able to get in for the minimum of $15 and cashed for just over $25 (3rd level). The other was a $3 6max trny that had 104 people and I was able to actually win that one. It really felt good to take down a tournament as I haven't been playing them at all lately. The cash games were very up and down over the last couple days. I was pretty much breakeven on NL50 but somehow ended up playing some 2/4 limit and 3/6 limit yesterday and I think I finished down about $150 or so overall. Looking forward to tonight as I have a coaching booked and lookinng to plug some leaks in my nl game. I am working towards being able to drop my second job and replace it with poker because I'm not making any money (serving and bartending) with the downturn in economy. If I can get myself to a descent winrate (3-4ptbb/100) I could easily drop it. Playing certainly is not a problem for me and I could easily play 5-6 hours daily. Here's to moving on and getting better!

Cake: $806.06
Stars: $161.62
Tilt: $384.04

Total: $1351.72
Rakeback: 10,243 hands for $180.76 at cake.

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