Monday, December 29, 2008

Yea for Slugs!

Well, I had the fortunate opportunity to be backed in the Stars Million yesterday and started off really poorly when my JJ went down to TT on the 2nd hand and dropped to 6200 chips from 10k. I was able to claw back up to almost starting stack by the first break. Had QQ double through 78o on a 287 flop when the turn and river were both Kings and was sitting above average at 20k at 2nd break. Third hour is where it broke down on me when AK ran down my QQ on the turn after he floated on a J47 flop and the turn gave a K. Unfortunate, but that's trny's. The good news is that while I was registering for that, I saw that a bunch of people from ITH were playing the Holiday 100k on Tilt. I decided to join in and we decided to chop it up as a team. The agreement is that 50% of the winnings go into a pool to be divided equally among all in the group, except cashes over $1k only get 30% of the winnings into the pool to reward the player more. Well, Matthew Hilger (Author of Internet Texas Holdem and The Poker mindset) was one of our sluggers and ended up winning the whole thing. 10k players and he cashes for $10k which nets me $500. Nice boost there to the bankroll :) That helps recover from the downswing for sure.

Stars: $172.02
Cake: $649.09
Tilt: $809.72

Total: $1630.83

Cake: $344.28
Tilt: ~$140

Total: $485

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