Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final Post for 2008

Well, this has been a pretty fun adventure so far and look forward to moving ahead in 2009. I think I'm going to change some of the stuff around as well by trying to do a weekly video and have a post dedicated to it for comments. We finish out the year with a pretty descent run near the end and post a solid profit for the month. From my first post back in April with pretty much no bankroll to speak of I now am currently bankrolled for 100nl (for the time being) and have been playing some here and there throughout my time. Today was spent playing at solely 100nl and had a descent day of it. I don't think the players are that much better than me and just need to keep the game to a simple game and not try and get cute. For some reason, every time I try and move up in levels, I alter my game wayyy too much and get away from the basics and it quickly sends me packing back to the level I just came from. I'm hoping that I can keep this under control. I'm also on the verge of actually pulling out some of the funds I have and stay at 50nl and I'm torn a bit right now as to what to do. My goal is to have my poker fund my family vacation this year, which I hope to take in 12/09 to Disney. Having a $1k jump on it would be nice but would also like to move up to higher levels too and do it in a faster manner :) Not sure here for now, but here's the numbers:

Cake: $1149.80
FT: $788.27
Stars: $199.50

Total: $2137.57

Cake: $407.69
Tilt: ~$125

That puts me at roughly $2670 and easily the best bankroll I've had this year.

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