Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, been a little bit since my last update so I wanted to put a quick one out there. So far this month, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 25k hands already. Quite a bit even for my standard. Been doing ok as well. I had one of my best days ever yesterday, with an 8 buyin session, which I dropped about 1.5 buyin later in the evening. Rake is kicking up quite a bit as well. Not sure how much I have at Tilt as I'm pretty much playing there now. There just aren't enough tables with fish on cake any longer at 50nl. I just keep seeing the same regs over and over. I also think I may cash some funds out once I get the rakeback from Cake this month. Would be nice to pull $1k out and put it into my pocket for once. That should leave me enough to still play 50nl. Will evaluate in another 2 weeks to see :)

Cake: $732.31
Tilt: $805.74
Stars: $172.02

Total: $1710.07

Rakeback: Cake:$274.53 Tilt: ~$125????

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