Monday, December 1, 2008

End of month bounce

For once I ended the month on a positive note. I decided to play no more than 3 tables and to really think about each and every bet that I made or didn't make. It also helped to run really well and get lots of good hands. I'm also staying true to my commitment to myself this month with my study. I'm going back through and watching a lot of the micro vids on Pokertrikz and trying to focus more on the strategies being taught versus just watching. I saw a post recently on pokertrikz about moving up and what sites would be recommended for training. One of the members commented that Pokertrikz would be more than sufficient up to 200nl if we implemented the concepts illustrated in the videos. I don't think I ever really comprehended this totally. I look back now and think that I thought I could become a winning player just by watching the vids but now as I mature, realize that is all I was doing, watching. I wasn't learning. This is what has brought me to where I am now and wanting to actually improve my knowledge of the game. Anyhow, the last day of November went really well for me and I finished up ~7 buyins yesterday. That is going to go a long way to getting me to the monthly goal of taking a shot at 100nl again.

Cake: $842.32
Stars: $185.02
Tilt: $205.54

Rakeback coming: $357.55

Total: $1590.43

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