Tuesday, November 18, 2008

100NL begins

Well, the journey has made it to a new level and one that I think will be my mainstay unless things go really well. I ventured into 100nl yesterday and finished my first session down about 1.5 buyins. I think it was mainly jitters at first. The first semi big hand was very early when I had watched the guy to my left lose a big pot to a big suckout. He had about a half stack left and when he was in the BB, he shoved after 2 people limped. The very next hand, utg limped and I was on the button w/ A9 and raised, he then again shoved his half stack. I thought that there was a very good chance that he was just steaming still and ended up calling. He showed AJs and took a half stack from me. Soon after that, I had KJs in the bb vs a SB open. Flop was J high and 2 diamonds (not mine) and sb bet out pot and I called. Turn was a blank and he shoved. I called and he showed AJ and I didn't improve again. I saw people calling down much lighter and maybe it was the combination of the boaords, but I didn't get any respect at all with my bets. Had to close out at the end of the day down about $160 but was able to play after I got home and was able to recoup that as well as annother $150 or so. Overall, up about 1.5 buyins at 100nl.

Cake: $1729.31
Tilt: $205.54

RB: 13,595 hands $194.84

Looking forward to analyzing some hands today and spotting some weeaknesses.

Here's my overall graph for the month of November so far:



dankimball said...

mx if u need some railing at 100nl let me know i have been there for over 55k hands in the last month and got a good feel for it

MX's NL Journey said...

wish I could say I was still at 100nl. Today was an absolute crusher and sent me crawling back to 50nl with my tail between my legs and then the 50 kicked me in the guts some more. Got some rebuilding to do.