Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Streak Continues

Man, what a long day this has become. I spent a lot of my day actually working today and not playing poker. Was able to issue a few policies today and also worked on a few other quotes. I have a large 5 car policy that I am hoping to get issued on Saturday. We'll see how that goes.

Just got home from bartending (almost 1am) and fired Cake up and decided not to play as I am quite tired. Decided to just update this and go to bed. Need to open the bar at 10am so need to get some sleep.

Today was a pretty dang good day for poker. I played ~600 hands and finished up almost 4 buyins. Was a great run, even after have KQ lose to QJ on a 4QQ flop. Yup, J on the river sinks me.

Cake: $1392.86
Stars: $210.98
Tilt: $205.54


Rakeback: $137.80 after 9929 hands.

I am really close to start taking shots at 100nl and I honestly say that I am a bit nervous. Think I'll girnd away at 50 for a while.


"Ricky Bobby" said...

ya know i find 100nl a lot easier the 50nl much tighter IMO But I'm used to playing 1/2NL and 2/5NL live too.

"Ricky Bobby" said...

what I meant was the 100nl is much tighter then the 50nl on stars anyway.