Sunday, November 16, 2008

No bankroll update

Well, after waking up late this morning, I realized that I had missed my race. I've been exhausted and hadn't pre-registered due to not really being sure if I wanted to get my tail up on the one morning I didn't have to. Decided that I would lay in bed and have a few cups of coffee instead.

My wife has to work today so I hope to get in a few hands this afternoon and crank it up a little bit. I am so close to that 100nl level yet still quite nervous about making the leap. I just remember how much of a backslide I took when I moved up to 50nl a few times. With the rakeback funds that will be due to me in December, I am only about $50 away from the $2k bankroll that I need. I've played very few hands at 100nl so far and what I have played turned out well given that I was able to stack my sb opponent on my very first hand. Then I played like a chicken and decided to leave and I haven't been back. I'll likely just play 3 tables of 50 and 1 table of 100 for a little while to try and keep myself not focused on the pot sizes too much. I know it's all about the BB's but when moving up, it's sometimes difficult to see that.

On a seperate note, I added a new section to the blog where I will be listing some video's of my play. The first one has been posted and I look for this to help improve my play as well as others. Please feel free to leave comments. I think I'll put up a new post each time for comments. I'm hoping to do this on a weekly basis, if not more so.


Wayne W. said...

Hey MX,

Really appreciate the video - I found it very helpful. I still play way too many hands and don't respect position enough - need to work on the discipline angle.


MX's NL Journey said...

No problem, just keep in mind that I'm not using this as a way to teach, but more to get opinions on ways we can all improve our game. Hope it helps.

"Ricky Bobby" said...

sir hit me up on AIM when you have a chance. You are pretty aggro, need to slow down a lil and work on controlling the size of those pots when you are on draws. And please don't raise AJ from the SB anymore. It works much better as a concealed hand from the SB.