Friday, November 21, 2008

slow and steady

Well, I didn't get to do my video Wednesday night because I ended up playing a 10nl donkfest game with a full table of guys from Pokertrikz. We had a full table going for about 2 hrs and Trikkur ended up a little over 10 buyins and I ended up down almost that much. Was crazy. Played probably close to 1k hands yesterday however and recouped my losses from Wednesday and I now sit poised to rebuild up to that 2k mark. Rakeback is going to be a big boost this month as I'm approaching 300 alraeady and still have 10 days left.

Cake: $1288.67
Stars: $189.28
Tilt: $205.54

Total: $1683.49

RB: 18,012 hands for $277.40

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