Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Video

Decided to video tape 2 tables yesterday and had a couple people from pokertrikz join one of them for some very interesting hands. I am working on adding commentary to it as well and hope to have it uploaded today. I'll post a link once I do as there are some very interesting hands that come up. Looking forward to some comments on it once I can get it rendered properly.

Played pretty consistently yesterday and was able to get in 2k hands at a good winrate(+6ptbb/100) and added to the bankroll once again. I don't want to jinx myself, but I THINK that I might actually have finally figured out how to beat this level. Maybe I'm just running good. Not sure yet, but I'm gonna keep on truckin.

Cake: $1087.12
Stars: $$210.98

Total: $1503.64

Rakeback: $101.35

I was looking at my rakeback totals so far and it's amazing how fast it runs up at 50nl. I played 2k hands yesterday and earned $26 in rakeback. That's a half buyin! If I can get to my 25k hand goal for the month, that will put me around $350 in rakeback for the month. 7 buyins goes a long way :)

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