Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick weekend update

As I finish out the night, I realized that there are sooooo many donkeys playing in the weekend night times. Was a bit frustrating for a while as I played probably 1k hands pretty much breakeven after I would stack someone then someone would stack me by hitting their 2 outer on the river and stuff like that. I am not sure how many hands I got in today, but it was quite a few. I'll get them all emailed over to PT tomorrow for analyzing. Cake updated at some point while I was playing and has me at 11,004 hands and a rakeback of $152.62. Was able to add a couple more buyins tonight after all was said and done. 100 is getting very very close as I have the BR if I include my rakeback.

I'm really hoping that I have turned the corner. Here's my stats for the month that I have been able to import into PT. I'm missing about 1k hands or so, but this is close.


Cake: $1513.25
Stars: $210.98
Tilt: $205.54

Total: $1929.77

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